Where is the Female G-Spot?

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So exactly where is the female G-Spot and how can this improve your sex life? The origin of the name “G-Spot” was coined from the German physician Ernst Grafenberg who suggested its existence in 1950. However, its identification as a female erogenous zone and source of sexual pleasure for women is attributed to world-renowned sex educator, Beverly Whipple, Ph.D.

Sexual arousal for a woman comes from two sources – clitoral or vaginal stimulation. The clitoris is located outside the vaginal cavity, above the entrance. The G-spot however, is inside the vagina, but when stimulated, provides a deeper and more profound source of sexual orgasm.

So Where is the Female G-Spot Exactly?

The G Spot is located about 2 inches (50mm) inside the vaginal entrance. It is about the size of a small coin or pea and sits on the abdomen side of the vaginal wall. When stimulated however, it can enlarge to the size of a walnut. It is not easy for many women to find their G Spot, because its size and location may differ from woman to woman.

One of the easiest ways to find your G-spot is by sitting yourself in a squat position, placing TWO fingers inside yourself and probing around for a small area where the tissue surface is a bid ridgy. Normally it would be the size of a small coin, though in some women, it’s larger. Once you hit the right spot, you should feel stimulated, even aroused. You have probably hit your G-spot.

If a woman wishes to achieve a more intense orgasm with her lover, she should aim to encourage him to know where to locate it. Show your partner your G-spot manually, then suggest a position which maximizes his ability to reach and stimulate it. Some have found rear entry, or “doggie style” the most effective, but everyone is different.

The most “talked about” way for the woman to receive the benefit of the G-spot is to be on top of her partner during lovemaking and go fast and steady, back and forth, for about two minutes. She will feel him rubbing against a muscle or tissue thing inside her vagina. Within about two minutes, she will start screaming in excitement. But exciting the G-spot can make you lose all your energy, so once you hit that spot, you may find yourself exhausted. But it will be lovemaking you’ll remember.

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