What is Fellatio and Why is it Called That?

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What is fellatio you ask? Some incorrectly spell it as “falacio” which is understandable I suppose, because that’s how it sounds. I was watching a program on TV the other day and heard some guy use the word when speaking to his girlfriend, so the idea occurred to me that “what is fellatio” (felacio, fallacio … lots of interesting combinations) might be a question many people might ask.

To cut it short, “fellatio” is the act of giving oral sex. In urban slang, it’s sometimes called it a “blow job”, “going down” or “giving head”. The mouth and sometimes throat is used to stimulate a man’s penis. The idea of course, is to simulate the sensation of a vagina, except now you’re using saliva as the lubricant. But the sheer novelty of the method can (for some) create a more erotic effect for both participants. Naturally, it would be a considered option among gay men.

Fellatio can also be performed on the scrotum (i.e. a man’s “balls”) and this is called “tea bagging”.  what is fellatio

There are some risks associated with the practice, including sexually transmitted infections. It has been known to transmit the herpes virus for example, from someone who gets “cold sores” (HSV1) in or around the mouth, to a man’s genital area. However, for more serious STI’s such as HIV, the transmission rate is much lower than it is from vaginal or anal sex.

And we probably don’t need to mention how it might trigger the natural “gag” reflex if you’re the giver.

What is Fellatio Called by That Name For?

The word “fellatio” derives from the Latin word “fellatus” which means “to suck”. When it was transferred to the French language, it became “fellation”. So there you have it. A person who receives “fellatio” is getting their sexual stimulation from someone else (or themselves if they can reach that far!) who is sucking on them.

Next Up:-  How to Give Fellatio – step by step tips on how to please your man.


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