What Does Spooning Mean?

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Have you ever read or heard people talking about how they like spooning, but have wondered exactly what does spooning mean? Is it some unusual sexual position or could it simply be a form of affectionate or even passionate embrace? This article explores the concept.

“Spooning” is a form of embrace normally enjoyed in bed but it does not have to involve lovemaking or sexual penetration. It is something women often speak fondly about because it is an intimate form of cuddling, where both participants lie on their side and one snuggles up against the other’s back and both of them have their legs bent forward so that the buttocks of one “sits” into the groin of the other. This in effect creates a “spoon” formation, where one is laddeling the other, as it were.

The feeling that spooning can give a woman, of being tucked into her man’s big warm body, his broad chest against her smaller back, his strong arms wrapped around her, is possibly one of her most enjoyable things in the world. She can feel so safe, warm, cared for and loved. It is very intimate yet comfortable. Some say that nothing beats it.

Whilst it is useful for pregnant women, the woman does not always have to be in the front, making the male the spoon. The one in front is sometimes called the spoon-ee and as such, is in a more vulnerable position, since the one behind has more control. This may be one reason why the man is typically the spoon. The woman trust him and is content to feel his warmth behind him.

What Does Spooning Mean – Historical Origins

The original meaning of spooning was a reference to dating. When a couple went out on a date they had to carry an overly large decorative spoon with them. This told everyone that they were on a date. Everyone watched them to make sure they “behaved” while out on their date. How times have changed! what does spooning mean

There are a many men and women on forums and dating websites who that say spooning is one of the things they miss the most – just going to bed and cuddling up next to someone. If you read their profiles they just want someone to cuddle with and be with. A lot of people welcome spooning and cuddling with or without sex. It’s only natural to want touch and comfort someone.

So in summary, while spooning can be part of a sexual encounter, it doesn’t have to be and in fact, is not normally implied in the term. So next time you’re reading someone’s online profile or watching TV and asking yourself “what does spooning mean”, try not to get the wrong idea.

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  1. Thank you; it’s all very clear now.

  2. I miss spooning.

  3. Very clear now thanks

  4. Ohhh… so thats what it means…. its all clear to me now….. thank you!!!!

  5. Been going on forever.

  6. I never knew what spooning was and now I know

  7. It is believed that this form of cuddling as we know it as now was actually a form of protection early man started to 1. allow his mate warmth while the male would protect her from the cold. It eventually developed into a strong bonding element in the mating and pairing of men and women. Then of course as man developed socially the meaning became more sexually oriented so there had to be certain restriction to who and where it could be done. Modern man simply take the simplest of things like Spooning and make it so complex and in cases taboo. Sad. Men should be more wanting to do this to show how much they cherish their mate to want to protect them with their own bodies against the cold and elements.

  8. My friend wants to spoon mw

  9. I’m single lonely farmer looking for female company for cuddling regularly

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