How to Make Love Better

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You can experience a wonderful love life, using techniques that will bring lovemaking pleasure to new heights for you and your partner. You can revive and luxuriate in the passion in your marriage. You can learn how to give and receive meaningful, sexual fulfilment. You can get back that erotic playfulness and romance that once existed in your relationship.

Your sex life doesn’t need to be a “routine”. It should be exiting. There are techniques available that will turn lovemaking into an art. If you are experiencing sexual problems that are creating tension and trouble in your relationship, there is help out there just waiting for you.

You can learn things that will improve your sexual intimacy, joy and excitement. Even if you have a good sex life, these ideas will help improve your lovemaking even more. Or even if you’ve almost given up, you can rekindle passion and intimacy.

It is a common notion that exciting, passionate lovemaking comes naturally and that no “training” is necessary. This is not true. Lovemaking is an art, a skill that is learned like any other. If you want prolonged, enjoyable lovemaking, you need some good advice. In some cultures, this has come from father to son, for others, through years of trial and error. But today, you can receive personal guidance through books and courses.

It is not uncommon for “routine” to become “boring” and consequently “infrequent” and finally “no lovemaking” because the fires have gone out with the passing of time. Lovemaking is an integral part of the special kind of relationship that exists between a man and woman. Sexual desire is what makes it different to mere friendships or relationships of any other kind. Take the romance and desire out of the relationship and partners are left feeling unfulfilled and often turn elsewhere.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Research indicates that nearly 40 percent of females of all age groups report having sexual problems. For men, the rate is one in ten. After age 60, this increases to one in four.

So many couples struggle in their sex lives, and wonder if they can recapture the joy, the passion, the excitement that they once knew in their relationship.

Miracles do happen – all the time.

Here’s a question to ask yourself: when was the last time you and your partner laughed together in bed? Because you were having genuine FUN and fulfillment?

Do you know how to create an “aura of romance” that sets the mood and sets you both on fire?

Would you like to learn ways to use your sense of touch, smell, and taste to heighten your orgasmic response? Or how about techniques for giving sensual, erotic massages that will melt your partner and increase your own pleasure?

With a little effort, you can discover new ways to bring excitement into your lovemaking – and break out of the “routine” with tips that will allow you to fulfill your (and your partner’s) most erotic sexual fantasies, using natural aphrodisiacs and other aids to enhance pleasure and prolong the experience for you.

There is a secret that will allow you to give and receive pleasure for hours and then the pleasure continues as you learn about extended afterplay that will increase your intimacy to new heights and help you and your partner achieve the fulfillment and intimacy you’ve dreamed of.


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