Intimacy Love Making and Good Sex

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Do intimacy love making and good sex go together? This is a question often asked by people who love each other and aren’t sure whether their sex life is as good as it could be. There are plenty of people who will tell you that lovemaking is one thing while just having a good time in the sack, is another – and to be quite honest, they’re right. We could say that lovemaking his all about a deep physical and emotional connection while “sex” is about enjoying your primal urges and hopefully having fun while you’re at it.

But intimacy love making and good sex can all be part of the same package. Not only so, but when they’re all present together, it’s the best kind of sex. They say that having sex with a stranger is never as good as when you do it with someone with whom you enjoy it regularly. This is because, with regularity, you get to know each other’s rhythm, responses, preferences and needs.  intimacy love making

It’s also about perceptions! For some people, sex is about intimacy, while for others it is about sensual pleasure. The former tends to be the preference for women while the latter is more prevalent among men. Another way of putting it is, that intimacy love making is romantic sex while “just sex” is fun sex. But you can have both and that’s what we really want to talk about here.

So let’s discuss how you can bring more intimacy into your lovemaking.

Romantic lovemaking is mostly about seduction and only a little bit about actually doing it. For this to happen you have to set the mood. It doesn’t have to be fancy. While a nice atmosphere with candles and soft music would be nice, it is certainly not essential to create the right mood. The best mood setter is romantic chemistry between two people. It starts with the flirting and sensual teasing, which leads to affectionate exchanges and suggestive touching and caressing.

Intimacy Love Making and Kissing

The key to intimacy in lovemaking is to go slow. It’s only natural when you’re turned on to want to speed things up a bit. But if you’re able to wind yourself back a few notches, you will not only bring more romance into the equation but you will also allow your senses to react in new and exciting ways.

So begin with gentle, meaningful pecks on the lips, face and neck, before moving into the passionate French kissing. Continue kissing your partner in such a way that indicates that you appreciate every part of them. Don’t forget the erogenous zones! Progress from kissing on the lips to nibbling the ears, kissing the neck and shoulders, then moving to the breasts and belly button. Do it slowly and with purpose and allow you and your partner to savor each sensation.

Some people like to bring novelty into their sexual experiences. This could include role-playing, massaging with oils or dripping liquid confectionery such as chocolate on your partner and licking it up, among other things.

Intimacy Love Making and Pillow Talk

One sure way to create intimacy and a highly romantic experience in your lovemaking, is to add beautiful words to what you’re doing. Tell your partner in meaningful, whispered tones, how much they mean to you, how much you love them, how special they are, how they feel so good, how sexy they are! Look into each others’ eyes as you do this and say it like you really mean it.

As you gently stroke and caress your partner, enjoy every minute of the foreplay. Be deliberate and purposeful about it. Focus on their pleasure more than your own. Be aware of the usual signs of arousal such as a change in breathing pattern and what their body language is telling you. If you’re able to be patient then both of you will be rewarded with the best kind of lovemaking – one which has a bonding and nurturing effect and is very satisfying and good for the soul.

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