How to Kiss a Woman’s Breasts

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Sexual foreplay is indispensible to giving your woman the kind of arousal that will bring on an orgasm she’ll really enjoy. In this regard, there are a number of “erogenous zones” on a woman’s body, one of which is the breasts. But every woman is different … and there is a right and a wrong way to “play” with her breasts. In this article, we will focus on the best ways to kiss a woman’s breasts so that you please her and make her feel that she really means something to you. how to kiss a woman's breasts

For a man, a woman’s breasts can be a real turn-on – but for a woman, they have often been something she associates with nurture. So you need to ensure that when dealing with this part of her body, you don’t give her the impression that you’re just there to “feed” on her for your own satisfaction. She needs to know that you’re “giving” not “receiving”.

How to Kiss a Woman’s Breasts So She’ll Really Enjoy It

Begin by gently kissing around her breasts, with soft, moist lips. As you do so, gradually move towards the nipples and when you arrive at that spot, exhale on her nipples so that she feels the sensation of your warm breath. As you focus on the nipples themselves, start by using the tip of your tongue to circle around the nipple in a light “tickling” fashion. Don’t just focus on one breast alone – remember, she has two of them!

Then you want to caress the nipples themselves with your tongue and while doing so, be alert to signs that she may be enjoying it. If she sighs, moans or makes a sudden movement, it means she’s enjoying the experience. Take note of this, because you want to read her body language so you know just how she likes it.

You should soon feel her nipples begin to protrude. This is the point where you should harden your tongue and being flicking it back and forth over the now erect nipples. If her nipples haven’t hardened yet, then suck each one gently and as you release it, exhale over it. The evaporative effect will produce an icy sensation which should do the job. Now suck the nipple and very lightly nibble on it, perhaps using your lip instead of bottom teeth as support, so there’s some “give”.

You want to cup the breast in your hand as you’re doing this. There is a good chance that by this time, other parts on the breast will be more sensitive, so kissing or licking under the breast or between them should turn her on. Don’t pay attention to only one breast – move between each one and while giving this kind of attention to one, gently rub or lightly pinch the other one – but make sure you have wet it with your tongue first. This can make a difference between an association in her mind with a breast feeder or a lover.

A critical thing to remember is, to not get too rough or to suck too hard. You don’t want to hear her say the words “I’m not a cow, you know” 🙂  Be very gentle!

A final word of advice on how to kiss a woman’s breasts – communicate with your partner! If you’re in a committed relationship, ask her what she likes and how she likes it. Some women don’t even enjoy light nibbling while others like it if you bite them. Everyone is different. Some women have sensitive breasts while other don’t, particularly if they’ve had implants. The most important thing is to pay attention. If you work out what she really enjoys, you can make her happy every time.

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