Female Erogenous Zones: Lovemaking She’ll Remember

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The art of lovemaking and just “having sex” are two very different things. The latter is purely mechanical and for a man, can be over within minutes, since that’s how long it will take him to climax.But if you want to make the experience one she’ll remember (and look forward to again) then I’m afraid you’re going to have to put a bit of work in. This is where the “love”-making bit comes in. It’s about giving and then receiving, not just about self satisfaction. Use those female erogenous zones and you’ll get much more back from her than you expect.

If your overall relationship is good (that may even be because you don’t know each other that well yet), what follows will show you how to give her the many happy orgasms she deserves and you’ll not only get what you want, but experience far greater enjoyment as well.

So what are these female erogenous zones anyway? They are those areas of a woman’s body that, when stimulated, turn her on sexually. The most talked about one is the famous G Spot in the vagina, but before you get there, you need to focus on the erogenous zones beyond the genitalia.

Here are the top four.

The Neck

The female neck is perhaps one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of her body. It’s the one you usually see happening in the movies. Softly kissing this area from her shoulder, moving up to below her ear (while at the same time massaging it with your tongue) will send tingles and pulses up and down her spine. Keep at it and she will be breathing heavily in a very short period of time.

The Ear Lobes

Sucking ear lobes isn’t for everyone. Some girls get the tickles when you do it but others simply adore it. While you’re there you can whisper sweet nothings in her ear. As your warm breath caresses her ear, it will really turn her on. Women like close facial contact. If you also massage her ear lobes with your fingers from time to time this can feel very nice.

The Nipples

This female erogenous zone is very sensitive. A woman’s nipples become hard and sit up right when stimulated with your tongue. Give both breasts even attention and also kiss down in between her breasts as you work your way between both of them. If she hasn’t grabbed your head by this stage and held it into her bosom, something’s not right.

The Belly Button

See how we’re working our way down her body toward the genitals? You should try and stimulate the belly button before full intercourse. Kissing this area with your lips and tongue will vibrate through her reproductive area and arouse her G spot.

Finally, if you want to become a better lover, think of lovemaking as an art, not an exercise. The female erogenous zones are your steps and how you move through them is the dance that is truly yours. Ask your partner what she likes and what she wants you to do to her. She will know you’re thinking of her, so she will want to please you too.

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