How to Give Fellatio

Maybe you’ve heard the term “fellatio” and haven’t been sure what it means? Or you’re quite familiar with the concept and because you love your man, (or maybe you just want to be generally “good in bed”) you’d like some guidance on how to give fellatio? Like anything else in lovemaking, how to give fellatio […]

What is Fellatio and Why is it Called That?

What is fellatio you ask? Some incorrectly spell it as “falacio” which is understandable I suppose, because that’s how it sounds. I was watching a program on TV the other day and heard some guy use the word when speaking to his girlfriend, so the idea occurred to me that “what is fellatio” (felacio, fallacio […]

Do We Lose Our Sex Drive When We Get Older?

The misconception tends to be that aging weakens our sex drive. The reality is that while many older folks “retire” from lovemaking, a great many others don’t–and increasingly these sexy seniors are saying so. One is Joan Price, now in her sixties, whose excellent new book, Naked At Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior […]

Sex vs Making Love

Having sex vs making love – is there really any difference? If there is a difference then why is it important and how does it effect the quality of your sexual experience? What defines that difference and how can this help you to be a better lover? Let’s explore the answers to these things together. […]

What Does Spooning Mean?

Have you ever read or heard people talking about how they like spooning, but have wondered exactly what does spooning mean? Is it some unusual sexual position or could it simply be a form of affectionate or even passionate embrace? This article explores the concept. “Spooning” is a form of embrace normally enjoyed in bed […]

Where is the Female G-Spot?

So exactly where is the female G-Spot and how can this improve your sex life? The origin of the name “G-Spot” was coined from the German physician Ernst Grafenberg who suggested its existence in 1950. However, its identification as a female erogenous zone and source of sexual pleasure for women is attributed to world-renowned sex […]

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